vSphere to retire the Fat Client in favor of HTML5

In case you missed it vSphere will finally retire that classic windows fat client in favor of the new HTML5 based web client! Take a look at the announcement here. Now you’re probably saying “Yeah we’ve heard that before” but the truth is that this decision and work is long over due and with the recent releases of our Flings it’s clear we’ve got the right work being done on the new HTML5 client.

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vRealize Automation 7 – Event Broker subscription installation workflows

Alright I’ll admit it, I’m totally a guy who got into automation because I am lazy! Ask my wife, ask my colleagues, I find the easiest way to do everything I can and if I don’t see direct value then I’m probably not participating. Just ask my friends at dailyhypervisor how frustrating I can be if you’re imposing a model that forces me to do something that takes even seconds for me to switch screens. At the end of the day this isn’t a good thing, but it can be a valuable trait and as such I create things that make my life easier and I suppose at least 1 or 2 of you out there will get some value out of it as well.

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Change in IT is Inevitable, Part 2

In the second part of our series (review the part 1 here)we will discuss the development process.  This is not an all encompassing development education series, just a high level overview.  If you remember from part one the business had a need to update their application.  If we walk thru these processes, we find that in most cases we have a process that looks something like this:

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Change in IT is Inevitable, Part 1

In this multi-part series, we will review what is driving change in IT, the development process and the changing infrastructure that can support these environments.

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VMworld 2016 public voting is open, please vote for my sessions.

Well it’s that time again and I’m on a crusade to get back to the stage at VMworld. Thankfully we’re back in Vegas this year so I must say it’s going to be a great year.

If you’ve ever been a participant in any of the sessions that I’ve been involved in you already know that I have a few key tenants to my presentation work.

  1. There will be a key story line which will make the slide portion at least a little fun
  2. There will be engaging, REAL WORLD examples and use cases
  3. There will be a LIVE DEMO if at all possible. (3 out of 4 will have it this year and the 4 will be interactive with a customer)

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vRealize Automation 7 – Enabling the Event Broker part 2

Well my hope is that you have already read through the Enabling the Event Broker that was posted in January. Then were thirsty for more and more around the Event broker. If you recall, in that post we covered the basics of consuming the payload from vRA 7 and utilize it just like we did the “Workflow Template” that used to exist in the 6.* days of vRA.

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vRealize Automation 7 – Custom Email Notifications with the Event Broker

Are  you sick of the Event Broker yet? ME NEITHER!!! In this post we illustrate how to utilize the Event Broker to send custom html emails. Using vRealize Automation 7 to create Custom Email Notifications with the Event Broker your usability and customer satisfaction can improve!

It’s well known that you can set up out of the box notifications from vRA and thankfully in version 7 it’s on by default but there are still many customers asking me for improved customizable emails vs. what is posted in this kb.

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vRealize Orchestrator gotcha when configured with the configurationadmin

vRealize Orchestrator or vRO as I’ll call it through this post is clearly one of the most powerful features that are embedded into vRealize Automation and with our install wizard the ease of tying these two solutions together become even stronger. You may recall my post in the 6.x days and now all of that configuration goes away and is mostly out of the box.

The install wizard does a great job of getting you content quickly using vRO and specifically creating the configurationadmin account to build all of that out. Now if you’re like me and most of the customers I work with you have customized your vRA instance and tied it into active directory and moved away from that quick content that was stood up. The configurationadmin account may still exist and may even be entitled to some of the items in your catalog. I personally remove that configurationadmin account from any power and enable only an authorized active directory user or group. This leads us to our big gotcha!

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Introduction to the VMware Sample Exchange

I realized in the last few days that myself and other folks like (dailyhypervisor, vmtocloud, and other on my more experts page) all started using this great new tool introduced in December of last year but we haven’t done a complete Introduction to the VMware Sample Exchange.

After using it for the last few months I will say it’s a huge step forward from the good ole days. I can’t tell you how many times I went searching for community based content for VMware software? Started with Solution Exchange, move on to communities, google, reddit, the list goes on and on. Many times I never found what I was looking for and ended up creating my own. Then those creations ended up living on dropbox and shared with a few people, maybe…

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Future of containers and what they might mean to the rest of us

What is the future state of containers and computing specifically? Why does 1 technology beat another in the fickle world of IT? Who can benefit from the tectonic shift happening in the world?

Just a few of the questions that I ask myself on a day to day basis among many other crazier questions I won’t share with you. If you followed my site or my posts you’ve seen I rarely post based on the philosophical questions that surround us. I did so a while back with my perception of the host naming delima (spoiler alert hostnames are dead and should have been killed years ago), but haven’t really had much to share about my views since.

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