Recommended links

In no particular order here are the blogs I recommend to further your education.

This list is a living record but is a good start. I personally have found VMtoCloud, VirtualJad, Dailyhypervisor, CloudRelevant, and of course this amazing blog to be at the top of the list for vCAC information.

  1. Dailyhypervisor
  2. VirtualJad
  3. Actual Clouds
  4. Cloud Relevant
  5. Extending Clouds
  6. VMtoCloud
  7. vCO Team Blog
  8. vCAC Team Blog
  9. vCloud Blog
  10. Virtual Geek
  11. Virtual Insanity
  12. Yellow Bricks
  13. Kendrick Coleman
  14. Cloudy Automation
  15. ElasticSkies


This page is slowly being phased out in favor of the More Expert Posts page

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