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Apcera officially registered on Solution Exchange

One small step! That’s right, while it may not yet be the full vRA, vROps, or vRLI integration I’m planning to do this is a huge step for Apcera and our quest to improve application portability.

When I joined Apcera I was really excited about the technology but also about the opportunity to partner with folks. I always saw a great synergy between VMware and Apcera, and now the partnership has been solidified. The hard work of our partner team has brought forth a full fledge VMware Ready partnership and are now highlighted on the VMware solution exchange.

Ambien Brand Name Online If you review the highlights and descriptions you’ll find we are focusing on 3 key use cases to help enterprises.

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  1. Modernize Legacy Apps – While I still struggle with the true meaning behind this the truth is we can help take your existing x86 apps and wrap them in a portable format that can be utilized on any DC or Cloud of choice
  2. Production ready Docker – This will give you all the benefits of containerized applications with all the security, control, and governance
  3. Truly multi-cloud – ability to move workloads across every DC or cloud provider based on a policy, we can abstract the underlying infrastructure and move your workloads based on policy across DCs or Clouds by only taking the App not the entire OS and VM.

Obviously there is more to come with this partnership but as you can see we’ve taken one small step.

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