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vRealize Automation Suite Upgrade – part 1

Welcome back to post VMworld and all the fun of Motorcloud music. If you haven’t seen the session that Jay Marshall and I did, I highly recommend you review it once live. I will post here when the video is available on Over the next few posts we will focus on the install, config, …

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vRealize Automation Suite Upgrade – part 2

Over the next few posts we will focus on the install, config, and upgrade of the vRealize Automation components. Starting here we will step through a multi-part series for the complete update for SSO, vCAC, IaaS, App Services, and ITBM Std. Additionally if you would rather have a video than this multi-part walk through guide …

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Mötörclöüd Rocks VMworld – Announces DOUBLE BASS Cloud Power!

Mötörclöüd rocked VMworld Wednesday morning during the breakout session Smells Like Team Spirit: Achieve Hybrid Operations Nirvana.  And in return, they found their new bass player “The Process”: On the heels of this great event, founding members Mack Vance and Hollywood Harold have announced that they are making room for one more bandmate as they …

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Rock Icons Mötörclöüd Turn To VMworld To Find Next Bass Player

The pioneers of “Software-Defined Rock and Roll” are turning to one of the tech industries most exciting trade shows to find its new bass player.  According to Bite Back Records, Mötörclöüd lost their bass player Ant “vMan” Anthony last week in a freak vMotion incident when Anthony attempted to vMotion himself from one tour bus …

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“Oh me” – we got two sessions!

Well ladies and gents it’s that time again, time to setup your schedule for VMworld. As it turns out we have been fortunate enough to be given two opportunities to share the “Gary and Jay road show” with you. You can expect to leave this session with the tools and education to go from zero …

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vCAC Optimization Guide

My colleagues Jad and Ryan worked to get a optimization guide for vCAC pulled together. I recommend everyone running vCAC look at this and see if you can make the tool even better by improving the responsiveness. Great work guys!  

vCAC + vCAC combined training now in BETA

“You have a course for vCO, You have a course for vCAC, but since they are so complimentary why isn’t there an extensibility course that combines them.” I have heard many times in the last few months. Well ladies and gents it has finally been introduced in beta. While you may not yet be able …

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Breaking News: Horizon 6 released!!!

I’m sure if you have been following this blog you saw a post about Horizon 6 and the VMware End User Computing story and thought why would he be focusing on that announcement as opposed to another vCAC specific post. Well if you haven’t seen or heard this a huge milestone for both our EUC …

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doDeletes – vCAC’s lost troubleshooting command

As many of you probably already know there is a feature in vCloud Automation Center that will automatically destroy a VM if the guest agent or vCO workflow fail during the build or provision state. This is great for returning resources including IP and disk space. However, when troubleshooting this becomes a pretty real challenge.

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Ideal CentOS minimal template for Automation

Ever try to build a CentOS image for use with automation or just simply use for templates in general with VMware? I can tell you from experience it can be very frustrating to have a great VM that you thought would work for cloning but when you actually test it nothing seems to work. With …

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