July 2014 archive

“Oh me” – we got two sessions!

Well ladies and gents it’s that time again, time to setup your schedule for VMworld. As it turns out we have been fortunate enough to be given two opportunities to share the “Gary and Jay road show” with you. You can expect to leave this session with the tools and education to go from zero …

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vCAC Optimization Guide

My colleagues Jad and Ryan worked to get a optimization guide for vCAC pulled together. I recommend everyone running vCAC look at this and see if you can make the tool even better by improving the responsiveness. Great work guys! http://www.virtualjad.com/2014/07/vmware-vcac-iaas-optimization-guide.html  

vCAC + vCAC combined training now in BETA

“You have a course for vCO, You have a course for vCAC, but since they are so complimentary why isn’t there an extensibility course that combines them.” I have heard many times in the last few months. Well ladies and gents it has finally been introduced in beta. While you may not yet be able …

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